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No need to drive across town for tutoring appointments, Miami Private Tutors is proud to offer in home tutoring to provide your students with the most comfortable environment possible for their tutoring sessions.



“The tutors at Miami Private Tutors have done a fabulous job working with my son to help him prepare for the SAT and ACT.”  They are kind, conscientious, and diligent.  Always on time, always ready to help, and ever creative in their methods.  I recommend them highly!!!”


Kirsten L.

Miami Beach, Fl



“I recently worked with Ken to prepare for a history test and after one hour I felt much more confident in my studies. We covered all the material and test prep skills in a very short period of time, which allowed me to confidently take my test.

Ken is an amazing tutor, he is kind, patient, flexible in meeting times, and motivating! I am very happy I was able to work with him.”

Sydney I.

Miami Beach, FL


“Ken tutored me and prepared me for the LSAT. He was very knowledgeable with tricks and test taking strategies that were very helpful! He has a great price for what he offers! Highly recommended for anyone who is having trouble or needs and extra boost with their LSAT score.”

Jose P.

Miami, Fl


“Ken has so far been a valuable tool for my success in economics. I am feeling that much more confident in my understanding of the content and material. I was lost before I started meeting with Ken and now I feel strong in my abilities to conquer this class/subject. He brings the content down to a level of simplicity which helps tremendously. Plus, a great guy to just hang and talk with as well. very friendly and accommodating. He is very attentive and even brings additional material for you to borrow to help understand the content. He makes it happen which is exactly what a tutor should be doing. He doesn’t let me chase him down, rather he stays on top of your schedule while trying to accommodate your needs. I highly recommend Ken”

Dan G.

Miami, FL